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Friday, January 27, 2012

March 2011, Recapped

Mom visited again
New iPads were announced
Went to the Scope Art Fair's VIP opening and met Trevor
Went on a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico
Saw a cabaret show
Won a $100 or so playing blackjack
Visited the bridge of the ship (which is rare and special)
Visited "Passion Island" (fun) on a spinny boat (not fun)
Won $65 playing blackjack
Got burned to a crisp
Was ill for several days
Met my new boss
Had lunch with Bennett who was in town
Went to DC
There was a huge earthquake in Japan
Saw an amazing lego architecture show
Sprang forward
Went to Baltimore
Heard Larkin was pregnant
Saw Tim play
Saw Radiolab Symetry Show
Five year anniversary of the start of Ze Frank's The Show
Started watching it again, then gave it up in pretty short order (and so did he)
A whole bunch of people went all crazy*
March 18th; a significant day*
Saw the brain exhibition at the MoNH
Went to Josh's birthday dinner
Saw the play "A Comedy of Errors"
Zach came into town
Went to Sara's birthday party
Bought a replacement peacoat (for the one I foolishly gave away)
Got my bespoke wallet I designed in the mail
Met Frank Muytjens, Jenna Lyons and the Sartorialst at a J Crew Show
Went to 12% event
Had a big deal fall apart

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